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What is a fidget spinner used for? What are fidget spinners good for? What do fidget spinners help with?

Fidget Spinner: Introducing 2017’s Most Popular Toy

Fidget spinners and toys are designed for fidgeters, just like you.

We all have moments where we want to just sit there and fidget, but while our actions may not be annoying to us, they can be intensely frustrating to others. You probably know how aggravating it is when someone is clicking a pen at pace next to you, or perhaps you’re fed up with biting your nails. Thankfully, there’s now a solution that’s both small and quiet: introducing finger spinners.

What is a fidget spinner?

A finger spinner, or fidget spinner, is a small toy made of metal, plastic, or wood that you can simply spin around between your fingers to scratch that fidgety itch. They’re great because they’re fun to play around with, and they’re dead silent too, so there’s no chance that you’ll be a nuisance to anybody else around you. Besides giving you something to fidget with, hand spinners don’t serve much else of a purpose, however quite a few users have said that they help them to zone in and concentrate better when they need to.

Once you really get to grips with these fidget toys, you should be able to get them spinning for a minute or more. It’s a lot of fun to practice and see how quickly you can get the toy whizzing around in between your fingers.

Rise to Prominence

Fidget spinners are a relatively new invention but have rapidly risen to prominence, leading Forbes magazine to label them the “must-have office toy in 2017”.

So when did finger spinners first emerge and where did they come from? Interestingly, these little toys arose from a crowd-sourced project which led to the development of the fidget cube – an all-round fidgety toy which had a spinner on it.

From that moment on, the appeal of hand spinners like these was set and even though it may not make much sense to an unwitting onlooker, give them a few spins with one of these things and they’ll soon get the bug. One could say it’s a bit like the old Rubik’s Cube but without the need for brainpower. You can just pick them up and have a little play – perhaps to distress – whenever you feel like it.

Benefits: What do fidget spinners help with

Hand spinners are fast building a reputation for helping people to break other nasty little habits. For example, if you chew your nails a lot then you’re being both unhygienic and giving your fingers a bad time. Why not play around with a toy that’s much easier on your skin like a finger spinner?

What’s more, from a mental perspective, fidget spinners are considered an ideal way to rid your body of any excess tension that may build up throughout the day. They’re also a great way to stop you aimlessly browsing through your phone or trawling to the fridge for yet another snack that you just don’t need because you cannot think of anything better to do.

Products: What are fidget spinners made for?

Now you know what fidget spinners are all about, let’s take a closer look at what fidget toy spinners there are on the market. One of the most popular hand spinners out there is the EDC tri-spinner, which is available in nine different bold colors, ranging from red to black and yellow to red. The EDC finger spinner is well-liked by users for its super speedy spinning quality, while also for being extremely quiet and easy on the fingers. These spinners are 3D printed and constructed with ABS plastic, with the bearings made out of steel.

EDC spinners do spin nice and quickly, although it does seem that people with larger hands preferred them the most, with some who had small hands reporting back that the fidget spinner could be a little difficult to get going. The spinner should spin around nice and quickly, however if you do find that it becomes stuck now and again, try applying a bit of oil to the bearings to slicken it up a bit. If you struggle to find a fidget spinner that’s got the right dimensions for you, they’re easy to make, so you could always have a crack at constructing one yourself.

While tri-spinners seem to be the most common hand spinner design, there are plenty of other designs out there too which may be more suitable to you. There are plenty sold that just have the one bearing for you to spin around and you can also find spinners with two bearings.

There are many plastic spinners out there but that’s not the only material that fidget toys are made out of. Also on sale are spinners made of metal and wood, all with different price points and different qualities. If you become fond of these toys, you could always buy a collection of them to show off to your friends. They are undoubtedly going to get bigger and bigger over the next few years so why not get ahead of the game now?

Tips: What is a fidget spinner used for?

It’s important to make sure that the fidget spinner you are buying is a quality one as some of the cheaper models do tend to be a bit gritty and hence rough on your skin, since they’re rotating so fast. If they’re gritty and grind often then that likely means that they aren’t going to be that quiet either. Rubbing in oil or soaking in alcohol may do the trick but the best way to avoid this is to just buy a high-quality toy.

Fidget spinners really are as simple as they sound – there’s nothing hidden about them. They aren’t for everybody, but for people prone to getting fidgety – and there’s nothing like a mundane office job or a long journey to cause that – hand spinners are an excellent time waster and a really satisfying little toy. So if your friends keep telling you that you’re a right pain, or you just want a little device to take your mind off things, be sure to have a browse around at all the fidget toy spinners and select the best one for you.

A No-Holds-Barred Guide on Finger Spinners

Fingers spinners are a great new toy designed to give you something to keep busy with so that you don’t become unnecessarily fidgety. They are also great if you have some irritating or unhygienic habits such as biting your nails or pen-clicking – or perhaps you just want to eat less or give up smoking. There are plenty of fidget spinners that could help you with any of these, so let’s delve right into it and find out more about the world of fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are small enough that you can take them with you while you’re out and about – they’re often referred to as “EDC” toys, meaning “every day carry”. While they are available in a few different sizes, they all take pretty much the same form, although they come in different materials, such as metals and 3D-printed plastics.

Someone would purchase a fidget spinner if they wanted to cut out nasty habits that take up time and only bring negative effects – like smoking. Fiddling with a spinner will take away the urge to go and light up, so you’ll be saving time, becoming more productive and keeping yourself healthier. What’s not to like?

If you aren’t keen on fidget spinners, then you may want to invest in a fidget ring instead. These slot onto your fingers and lock in place, and then you can twiddle them around with your other fingers, allowing you to keep busy doing something else with your other hand. Before going mainstream, fidget rings were being used by Tibetans. They believed that paying with a toy like this helped to reduce any anxiety and concerns that they may have.

As well as being toys, fidget spinners are also popular with people who have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). They are liked because instead of taking out a fidgety and agitated urge on something else, they can play with a fidget toy instead.

This extends further to people who have anxiety and depression, or just want something to take the edge off things that isn’t going to cause them further issues – again, like smoking would. These toys are new, so we are undoubtedly going to see even more uses for them in the near future. Have a play with one to see if it benefits you in any way.

Best Fidget Spinners: What Fidget Spinners Are There?

While the finger spinner industry is just getting going, there are still a variety of products on the market that have all sorts of functions. For starters, you have the toys that are being marketed simply for entertainment, but you can also buy fidget toys especially tailored for those who have ADD, ADHD or similar diagnoses. We’re going to go in-depth on all of the different types of fidget spinners.

Dual-Bar Spinner

The best-known fidget spinner currently on sale is the dual bar spinner and the one you would most likely purchase as your first spinner. These are basic, easy to operate and spin via the bearings intricately placed inside of them. The better the bearings are, the better a finger spinner will be, and the faster and longer it will spin.

These toys are made from all sorts of materials, but the most common ones are 3D-printed plastic (these tend to have the coolest designs too), wood and metals – titanium and copper to name two.

A traditional dual bar finger spinner will have three bearings inside that spin both clockwise and anti-clockwise. They will spin both quickly and slowly, and can be flicked back and forth. The bearings are versatile and can be played with in any way the user sees fit.

If you aren’t sure whether finger spinning is for you, your best bet is to buy a dual bar fidget spinner first and see if you get the hang of it, and the appeal.

Tri-Bar Spinner

If you want to move to the next level up, then the tri-bar finger spinner is what you’re looking for. Slightly bigger and a little trickier to work, these spinners have more combinations, can be spun in different ways and are generally more attractive to the experienced spinner.

The tri-spinner is great because you can hold it in a few different places, allowing you to manufacture all sorts of spins. If you have trouble concentration or suffer with any of the aforementioned conditions, then you may enjoy a tri-spinner because of its complexity – there’s little chance that you’ll find them boring.

Quad-Bar Spinner

Find that the tri-bar spinner still isn’t quite enough to keep you satisfied? Then you have no choice but to go for the quad-bar spinner which really does have everything that a keen spinner could ever want! The quad-spinners also tend to be of supreme quality and are made only of the best bearings available – having great bearings is vital as otherwise your finger spinner will slow down over time and become less fun to fidget with.

Quad-spinners are primarily made in 3D-printed plastic or wood, so you can choose between a flash, funky design or a more mature, professional look.

Make Your Own Fidget Spinner!

Fancy yourself as a bit of a designer because you can’t quite find the perfect spinner for you? Thankfully, you have the option of making your own finger spinner as they really are effortless to put together. You could go for a wooden design, but the most fun is with 3D plastic, which is astonishingly easy providing you have a 3D-printer.

Just play around and design your perfect spinner and then go ahead and print it out. There’s then plenty of advice available to help you slot in the bearings and make any other final adjustments that you need to.

Should I Buy a Fidget Spinner or a Fidget Cube?

You may have heard of fidget cubes, a similar toy that has shot to prominence after receiving an amazing amount of traction on Kickstarter. They’re great too as they have plenty of features to fiddle with, but as they do not spin, they aren’t for everyone. If spinning’s your thing, get a finger spinner, if you’re not fussed, go for a fidget cube instead!

Where Are Fidget Spinners Made and How Can I Buy Them?

There are lots of fidget spinners out there sold from many groups. While the 3D-printed plastic ones are typically found on sites like Etsy – these are usually personally designed – there are a few professional fidget spinner companies getting in on the act. Torqbar is one such example taking finger spinning to the next level with their range of products.

So far, the fidget spinners being sold online seem to be either produced from individual people or by US-based companies, which is superb news for the quality of the products on the market. However, in the near future we envisage China getting in on the act with their own products, and at that point, it’s feasible that the products may deteriorate in quality, if their other ventures (e-cigarettes) are proof.

We focus on selecting only the best fidget spinners, so you know that anything you buy on our site is of the highest grade and has been built to last.

Fidget Spinner Materials: Plastic, Wood and Metal

Perhaps one of the best things about finger spinners is that they come in various materials, as it helps to keep everything fresh and unique. The simplest and cheapest spinners are made out of 3D-printed plastic, but while the materials are cheaper, the plastic allows for more flexible and aesthetically-pleasing designs. ABS plastic is a regular plastic used for this 3D printing and is sturdy, so you won’t have concerns about your spinner breaking, even with heavy use.

If you want to spend a bit more then you’ll probably be buying either a wooden or metal finger spinner. The wooden ones spin longer and look classier, while the metal spinners focus on delivering exemplary spinning performance. A titanium spinner will spin for three or four minutes – maybe longer! As you can imagine, wooden and metal fidget spinners are up to the rigours of constant, day-to-day use as well.

Do I Need a Fidget Toy?

Wondering whether a fidget toy is the right toy for you? Here are a few points that could help you decide. The main reason you would buy a finger is to tackle a habit – or habits – that you may have. If you work in an office or spend much of your day sitting down then a finger spinner could be good for you.

Beyond coping with sheer boredom, finger spinners are perfect if you suffer with any of the conditions that we touched on earlier – ADD, ADHD or autism. People who suffer with these often get builds up of stress that they need to release. Fidget spinners can help deliver that release.

What are fidget spinners good for?

Using Finger Spinners to Cope with Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety at work is far from a new phenomenon – toys such as stress balls have been invented in the past to deal with it with varying success. The beauty of a fidget spinner is that they occupy you for much longer and aren’t going to take up all of your attention so you can still complete your other activities while fiddling.

Playing with these toys gives you a gateway to let out of all the pent up stress and anxiety in your body, in a quiet and healthy manner. Fidget spinners are a great way of kicking the daydreaming bug too, and ensuring that you stay productive.


Autism can cause high levels of stress and fear that can be extremely difficult to cope with. So how good would it be if there was a handheld item that sufferers could use to help them out? Now, with fidget spinners, there just may be. These toys are ideal as they let someone with autism alleviate all of their tensions on their own. Moreover, without something like a finger spinner, any stress someone may be feeling could be amplified further with others around. That makes the independence and discreetness of a fidget spinner even more attractive.

Dealing with ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD are conditions that don’t go away and that sufferers need to find a way to deal with so that it impacts their day-to-day life as little as possible. Staying focused is the main challenge with either of these, so if a finger spinner can help people who don’t have these conditions, then imagine what it can do for those who are directly affected!

Fidget spinners are changing things dramatically for ADD and ADHD sufferers, making them calmer and more concentrated on their work. This applies to both adults and children. Much of the knowledge at the moment is anecdotal, but if you do have either, then why not give finger spinners a go? You may be surprised at the difference they make.

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